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Death is seen to be the single most traumatizing phenomenon in life; it's discontinuation, a break from all the things we dearly love. Yet, there are other ways to see death. Sufi tradition, as exemplified in the quote above, argues that death is only a transition to eternal life, an end to hardships of life and a reunion with the beloved who is God. It would be dusk signalling the end of daylight. As life is summer from the seasons of the earth, death would be winter, soon yielding to spring. Attempting to portray death in the semantic world of Sufism, I could not refrain from projecting my anxieties and melancholy over the subject matter, and to depict death as a station in the journey of eternal life, I have found my lifeless bodies and shadows trapped in a freezing, eternal purgatory. Unmade beds and withered gardens in a gloomy, dream-like state capture the agony of waiting with no promise of glory or heaven

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